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unleash your restaurant’s potential

Four things are important for a F&B project to succeed:
a good idea, a clever menu, nice decor and staff.

New Projects

We will assist you in the realization of your new exciting idea, from the selection of the location to its inauguration.

a unique style

exclusive menus

ambience definition

every project is original


It is time to give a new face to your restaurant. We select the best options available to get the most from the kitchen and the restaurant

creation of new recipes

errors analysis and correction

a new customer’s experience

customers’ analysis and consequent actions

staff with skills in:

kitchen organization and catering


staff training

management and financials


from Micro to Macro

We take care with the same professionalism and enthusiasm of a small restaurant and a chain of restaurants. We have a skilled  staff of chefs, architects and managers, nothing is trivial and nothing is impossible.

One thing is crucial for a F&B project to succeed over time:


Staff Training

Direct training of staff, upgrading of professional skills, recruitment

A Cooking Academy

FoodLab has a variety of souls, one of which is being a renowned Italian Cooking Academy, graduating every year dozens of young and talented chefs, carefully selected and trained at the highest standards to cope with the hard chef’s life

upgrade of the existing staff
new porsitions recruitment
new chefs training
emergencies management

Let's get in touch

transparent budget management
targeted actions

optimized timeline of interventions

stock optimization

analysis of the impact on social medias

Practical Solutions

The restaurant has to open, the business has to start. Cash-flow is life.

Designing a restaurant is like being at a construction site: you make a plan and then start building without wasting time.

Our staff is able to express all the necessary skills and to work simultaneously on the various levels: kitchen, menu, training, restructuring, design and financials must proceed in parallel.

Why a Food Consultant?

Making less mistakes saves the client’s money

Starting with the right foot saves the client’s money

Buying only what’s necessary saves the client’s money

Opening without delays saves the client’s time, money and reputation

Giving a professional service saves the client’s reputation (and, after a while, money)

The general idea is that hiring the right consultant brings more advantages than it costs.

In the end the balance is extremely positive.

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As always, the recommendation is to check that you  correctly enter your information, thank you.


FoodLab Consulting is a catering consultancy company. We provide turnkey solutions for restaurants, bars, pubs, brasseries, corporate canteens. We have a young and modern approach, always consistent with market trends. We are a modern company, we believe in lasting relationships with our customers and in mutual respect.

Inside The Kitchen

Our focus is modern cuisine. The starting point Italian cuisine in its continuous evolution. We are very attentive to trends, that we anticipate and not follow.

We like to play with food, experiment, venture, surprise and satisfy. The kitchen evolves, who hesitates is lost and loses the market.

In The Restaurant

Decor and style evolve and are different for each client since every client needs to develop his own identity.

As in the kitchen, we are always up-to-date with restaurant design and we strive to anticipate market trends in order to create solutions that can last over time.

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